Ritorno attesissimo per la leggenda del pop inglese,  Alison Moyet! Il nuovo album si chiama “Other” ed uscirà il 16 giugno. Il tour mondiale toccherà anche l’Italia il 17 dicembre al Fabrique di Milano (BPM concerti)

“For me, making a record at this age, lyrically, is a different proposition. Observation in most cases replaces emotion. The invisibility of middle/aged woman rather thrills me and instead I watch”, explains Moyet. Subject matter covers what you might expect from a pop album.  Dyslexia, locked-out syndrome, diversity, Persephone, doggedness and the Internet. Always asked what a song is about, I attempted to cooperate, but in truth though the lyrics incorporated my best attempt to describe what I see and of the meaning that is mine. I want, who chooses to, to find their own landscape or indeed none. Some of us have always felt ‘Other’. I no longer wish it were otherwise.”